Sheila, “a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.” I am a mom, grandmother, and retired librarian. This is my first attempt at a blog so hopefully I will get better at it in time. I gave my life to the Lord in 1972 on the campus of Western Michigan University. I was taking a class in the Bible as literature at the time, reading the book of Job as poetry. After I prayed (and knew I had been changed forever!) I went back to my room to read the next section of Job for class. I was stunned and amazed at how different it was. I was reading a completely new book. It was speaking to me Love and Life.

I have been studying the Bible ever since then. For the last ten years or so I have been wanting to share some of the treasures that I have discovered. I have done this on Facebook, phone calls, private emails, and at the breakfast table. I have lately been encouraged to share them more widely. So, here it is, my attempts at wrestling with the Word, what it is saying to me and what my response should be. I hope it helps you a little in your journey.

Some of the blogs have been, or will be, turned into Bible studies. They can be accessed and used freely here at Hidden Treasure Bible Studies.

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